Before you purchase your inititiation ticket please read

On the night, ALL participants MUST read and sign a waiver form, this is a strict condition of entry. By purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to do this. On the night you attempt to join the Fraternity, you will be asked to sign a paper copy which we will keep on file. Failure to sign a copy on the night will result in you not being allowed to enter the show and no refunds will be given. Take a look at the list below, you “may” encounter some, all or none of these things but it is on your best interest to have a look and decide, is this really for you? Remember, this is fully immersive xtreme theatre production so anything can and will happen. It is designed to push you, to take you out of your comfort zone and to see what you are made of!

The welfare and safety of participants is paramount to the organisers, however there will be activities within the Event that may simulate perilous or dangerous situations which may cause anxiety or panic.

You may be restrained by non-participants or by devices.

All these situations will be monitored for your safety, and inclusion in the list is not indicative of their inclusion in the event.

You may be asked to remove articles of clothing and/or wear other garments.

You may be confined to an enclosed space for prolonged periods of time.

You may be covered or immersed in water You may be left in isolation, in the dark, or hooded.

Pressure may be placed on your torso or limbs.

Your hands or feet may be bound.

You may be shouted at, or taunted.

You may be asked to hold an uncomfortable or unstable position for prolonged periods.

Take it all in, ask yourself if you are up for the challenge and then, when you’re completely happy, book your place.

You will be given a ceremonial gown to wear as part of the experience. This gown will have no pockets so please leave all valuables, jewellery and mobile phones with a friend or somewhere safe as we will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged personal items. Fraternity is strictly for over 18’s and for those who are not easily offended, are mature enough to handle what’s inside and for those that would like to take their fear factor to the next level.

The initiation will last aprox 30 mins. You will be totally alone inside the show, no friends will be there to help you out or spur you on, its just you.

I so hope you are ready for this!

Ready to enter the Fraternity!